Edition #84

Byte Dance's big number, plus more media layoffs and a look at "best friends" around the world. the world.

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ByteDance claims 1 billion monthly active users. In the last edition of this newsletter, I included a little video about the growth of various social platforms over time, including Tik Tok’s meteoric rise. This week, Tik Tok’s parent company ByteDance announced announced a new milestone of a billion monthly users across its services. (South China Morning Post)

Meanwhile, Tik Tok is under investigation in the U.K. for how it handles data protection for minors on its platform. The investigation if focused on the app’s messaging system and data collected on children’s videos. (The Guardian)

The U.S. media industry is facing its worst year, job wise, since 2009. So far, media companies have announced over 15,000 jobs cuts in 2019. (Bloomberg)

A judge in Australia ruled that media companies must (somehow!?) pre-moderate comments on their Facebook pages. I’m assuming this will be appealed, because it’s frankly nuts. It would require publications to somehow pre-moderate Facebook comments to any pages they control, using a hacky workaround, and it’s a huge amount of resources for a publisher to pour into a platform they don’t own. (The Guardian)

Verizon Media is aiming to have its revenue from online shopping equal the amounts it makes from total ad sales and subscriptions by 2024. (CNN)

By 2027, India will have more people than China. (CNN)

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How many best friends do you have? Snapchat and ad agency Protein collaborated on a study on friendship in nine countries around the world; the results are above. Despite its questionable use of the word “best” in this context, it raises interesting questions about how the nature of friendship is tied to culture. (Snap)