Edition #87

Snapchat opens office in India; Sony’s nostalgic Walkman retrospective.

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India has changed its laws around foreign investment in digital media, limiting them to 26%. The country already had similar limits in place for investment in print and broadcast, but the new law raises questions about the scope of digital companies like Netflix and Tik Tok operating in India. It’s unclear exactly how the Modi government intends to use the law, more to come on this. (NDTV)

Tik Tok meanwhile is a new vector for hate speech in India — specifically, hate speech centered on caste. (Wired)

Snapchat just opened its first office in Mumbai, and has so far launched in four Indian languages, with plans to launch in five more before the end of the year. (Economic Times)

Teens in China are increasingly avoiding WeChat in favor of Douyin, the version of Tik Tok available inside China. (Abacus)

How does China like to recruit spies abroad? LinkedIn. (New York Times)

The Times of London used an audit of its content, comments, output and recommendations to grow its digital subscriber base up 19% last year, over 300,000. (Digiday)

In June, according to one study, less than half of global Google searches actually led to a click. (Sparktoro)


The Sony Walkman Exhibit: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Walkman, Sony held a temporary exhibit in Tokyo with a full retrospective of the once iconic, now forgotten technology. I would really love a museum entirely devoted to out-dated consumer products like this! If you’re interested in funding it, please get in touch. For now: browse photos from the exhibit (it closed last week) on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/walkmaninthepark/