Edition #95

Podcasts and Condé and streaming, oh my

Happy Sunday evening! Things on my reading list or on my mind from the last few weeks:


  1. There are something like 850,000 podcasts in this world of ours. That is SO MANY. (Digiday)

  2. There were 646,000 shows available on streaming platforms in the U.S. in 2019 (Axios)


If you work in media and need to read something to make you feel very angry, well, I’ve got the links for you!

As other U.S. publishers exit the Mexican market, Business Insider is moving in (Nieman Lab)
Congrats to the team at Business Insider, who launched their Mexico edition at the beginning of February.

Luminary is expanding internationally (Axios)
In addition to their current presence in the UK, Canada and Australia, Luminary is expanding its service to New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland.

Spotify Pays $250 Million for Ringer in Podcasting Drive (Bloomberg)
How much longer will podcasts be free?

How the BBC’s Netflix-killing plan was snuffed by myopic regulation (Wired UK)
The BBC came close to launching a Netflix-like streaming service years ago, but was blocked by regulators in the UK in 2009.

Britain to Create Regulator for Internet Content (New York Times)
Not much to know beyond the headline, as it’s very early days. But some new regulatory body will have the ability to fine companies for internet content.

Dotdash Acquires Another Two Publishers
Dotdash (owned by IAC) is a media company with a portfolio of 13 sites, many of which you’ve likely come across in your internetting: Investopedia, TripSavvy, ThoughtCo, The Spruce, Lifewire, The Balance, Verywell, Liquor.com, Brides, Byrdie, MyDomaine, and now TreeHugger and Mother Nature Network. They’ve scaled a bunch of niche sites that run ads, which, who knew that could still be a thing on the internet this 2020? They’re profitable and growing — this kind of scale definitely one future for digital media companies.

Publishers Share Their Social Distribution Secrets (Folio)
Speaking of the internet in 2020, distribution is still the primary thing. Folio talked to smart people at Group Nine, Meredith, BuzzFeed and Men’s Health. A few takeaways:

  • Product parity means stories and other video formats work across a bunch of major platforms.

  • On Facebook, the trend is away from broadcasting yourself towards connecting with others.

  • Tik Tok is still something no one understands.

HQ, maker of the once-popular HQ Trivia, is shutting down (The Verge)
RIP to a game no one has played in years. It was the last time, before Tik Tok, that something felt new to me on the internet. But what a dramatic few years they had!


Internet media jobs are at an all-time high (What’s New In Publishing)