Edition #96

You know you’ve always wondered how suitcases get made

I did a lil’ Q&A in advance of speaking at DIS in Berlin at the end of March, talking about the thing I’m most excited about right now in media: The rise of relationship-based media entities: On Building Relationships With Readers (innovators-summit.com)


How Axel Springer is adapting its pricing strategy to grow reader revenue (Digiday)
There’s a lot in here about pricing tiers and different subscription plans, but this is the money quote: “I would say there is no subscription fatigue,” Stefan Betzold, managing director at Spring, told Digiday. “The New York Times has had record growth [last year]. It inspires us to work harder to show the country and the press there is no fatigue. Now the party starts.” Springer seems to have the numbers to back this up, so yes, party on, Stefan!

The Must-Have Skill in a Global Job (Isa’s Notebook)
Isabelle Roughol, who was formerly LinkedIn’s international editorial director, offers a lot of great advice for anyone in an inter-cultural role (worth signing up for her newsletter, too).

Can Rupert Murdoch and Boris Johnson team up to kneecap the BBC? (Nieman Lab)
Really interesting story on how News Corp has quietly been launching new stations and hiring key talent across the U.K., with the BBC clearly in the crosshairs.

Substack CEO Chris Best on the shifting attention economy (This Week in Startups)
Interesting talk with one of Substack’s founders, talking about where Substack came from and where it’s heading.