What even is this?

A little about i18n and what this newsletter is.


i18n is a weekly-ish round up of links, GIFs and other HTML of note about global digital media by me, Scott Lamb. It's been described as "fun," "not terrible" and "actually quite informative" by readers. It even made a (very non-scientific!) list of most-read media newsletters, just scroll almost to the very bottom of the list!

You can catch up on my archive of past newsletters here — and all new editions will pop up on my homepage after they’ve been published.

How it works: The magic of email!

That’s right: No pesky app to download, no pop-up laden website to visit. Every piping-hot, brand new edition of the newsletter is delivered, automatically, to the inbox of your choice.

How often?

Expect i18n to pop up in your inbox roughly 2x a month, usually late Sunday night East Coast US time/around lunchtime on Monday in Sydney.

Who made this?

i18n is put together by me, Scott Lamb, a writer/editor/executive. I currently work at Medium, based in New York City. I'm always looking for tips, newsletter recommendations or good animated .GIFS, so don't hesitate to send things my way (or just say hello): scott.lamb@gmail.com

About the name:

i18n is a numeronym, per Wikipedia, "where 18 stands for the number of letters between the first i and the last n in the word 'internationalization.'"